09.09.2008 Two New routes in Pakistan
Two New routes in Karakoran. Pakistan. Summer 2008.

13.03.2008 St. Vincent Recipients Announced
The Grolla d'Or for "best world climbing achievement by a guide" will be given to Russian Valery Babanov

05.04.2006 Spring 2006. New Himalayan epedition.
Solo ascent on Chomo-Lonzo`s Main (7790m) West face.

27.03.2006 Video Interview with Valeri Babanov
This is a new project for Himalaya in spring time 2006. Chomo Lonzo Main(7790m) West face in solo

07.05.2005 Valeri Babanov & Mark Toth, May 5, 2005, Mt.Sir Douglas.NE face.
Canadian Rockies. Mount Sir Douglas in Kananaskis Country. Possible this is a new route (?).

13.04.2005 New routes up to mt.Andromeda
Valeri Babanov & Raphael Slawinski, April 10, 2005

10.11.2004 Happy birthday!
Valeri is 40 today. Have a good luck! Congratulations!

03.11.2004 News.
Summer, autumn training, plans and trips.

12.05.2004 The next adventure is going to be in Alaska
The most important plan is to climb a new route on the South Face of Mt. McKinley

23.04.2004 "Golden edelweiss" for the Nuptse ascent
The prize for the best ascent of past year wasgiven on the Moscow "Vertical" film Festival to Valery Babanov and Yuri Koshelenko ("The Moon Sonate")

30.03.2004 Second Winter Route on Temple
By Dougald MacDonald

11.02.2004 The "Golden ice axe"
Babanov and Koshelenko won the prize! Congratulation!!!

08.09.2002 We congratulate Valeri with the official guide certificate.
He graduated the ENSA in Chamonix, France. Now he can work as a guide everywhere in Europe. He is the first Russian climber who did it!

04.05.2002 "Golden genziana" was given to Babanov for the achivements in mountaineering! Trento - film festival!

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